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Personal Statement

I am an artist living and working in London.

My work is concerned with the issues of representation, and the affect of mediating of objects, people and experiences through recording technologies. Currently, my research is focused on the affect of digital technology on these aspects of life. The works seeks for these questions to be asked of them, but also these questions to be brought attention to. I am interested in the blurring lines between the virtual and the real, and experiences that are becoming increasingly ephemeral.

My most recent piece ‘Untitled(Monologue)’ 2010 addresses the filtration of the self through representation. The video is turned into drawings and the drawings into instructions, which are then relayed back to the video. The video contains a sense of defiance and free will, annoyed by the demands of the voice. However, contained within a loop the video fall into line mirroring the animation. The cyclical relationship between each part questions hierarchical values in representations, do any of these elements present us with notion of truth or reality?

‘Radio Chelsea’,2009- was important in influencing the current direction of my work. On the 4th January 2009 on 106.4FM with a radius of about 100m, I broadcasted a live radio show of sound work at Chelsea College of Art and Design. The chosen work focused on the voice, and the idea of the show was underpinned by the contrasting nature of the live and recorded voice. What resulted was an interest in the contrast between the artifice of the radio show and reality, and their interaction with one another. As radio DJ I saw myself as a character similar to the Wizard of Oz or other fictional all powerful disembodied voices. These ideas are further explored in the Lecture on the Disembodied Voice, 2009.



BA Fine Art,

Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2007-2010.


Shortlisted for Jotta Video Award, 2010.

Catlin Guide, 2011.

Select Exhibitions-


Future Map 10 at the Zabludowicz Collection

12th January 2011-12th February 2011


Degree Show 2010, Chelsea College of Art and Design 18th-25th July 2010.

Bricks, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, June 2009.

There, Untitled BCN, Barcelona, Spain, April 4-8 2009

Dislocation, Exploration and Meaning, Gallery 39k, Lahore, Pakistan, April 2 2009

Re:Think, Matisson-Burgin Shoreditch Space, Shoreditch, London-March 12th-16th 2009

Radio Chelsea, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London –January 13th 2009